Congratulations on making it out to Snow Moon Trail Run

Presented by Short’s Brewing Company!

Here is your 2019 Participant Guide

TriToFinish and Short’s Brewing Company welcome you to the 3rd Annual Snow Moon Trail Run!  We, along with our partners at the Fraternal Order of Eagles - Midland 2110, Harless + Hugh Coffee, Midland City Forest, Runners Athletic Company, Ray’s Bike Shops, Korkers, Covenant Sports Medicine and ESPN Radio 100.9 are excited to bring you this awesome race event. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love putting it on!

We know there are lots of questions about what the course is going to be like. Unfortunately, as is the case in this great State of ours, it is almost impossible to predict what weather and course conditions will be. We highly recommend coming prepared with some of the basics for night-time, winter trail running: a headlamp or light source; traction for your shoe soles; and technical clothing for cold and/or wet weather running. (Runners Athletic Company will be on hand with limited offerings from Korkers and other brands.) We will do our best to get the trails “roughed up” such that it’s not too slippery. But please be prepared in case we aren’t successful! The event will go on unless storms or other dangerous weather prevent it.

Packet Pickup Location: Fraternal Order of Eagles, 2934 E Monroe Rd, Midland, MI 48642

Race Location:  Midland City Forest, 2840 E Monroe Rd, Midland, MI 48640

Packet Pickup and Late Registration:

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 from 3:00-6:00PM at the Eagles of Midland 2110 Post located approximately ¼ mile East of Midland City Forest’s Monroe Rd Entrance and site of Snow Moon Trail Run.

  • Everyone MUST BRING IDENTIFICATION to receive a wristband allowing you to drink at the event tent.

  • All participant will receive a Snow Moon Trail Run Pint Glass at packet pickup. Two drink tickets will be attached to each race bib.

  • Bring some extra cash! Shirts, hats, pint glasses, and other swag will be available for sale during packet pickup!

  • There will be 2 shuttle vans transporting runners and spectators between parking at the Eagles Club and the Event Tent. Don’t be afraid to use them! Parking at the City Forest lot is LIMITED.

  • Additional beer tickets for spectators will be available for sale in the event tent AFTER the race begins. Spectators must show I.D. to receive a wrist band allowing them to drink.

  • Outside alcohol will not be allowed inside the fenced-in event area in respect to our partners at Short’s Brewing Company.

  • Race bibs are color-coded by event and MUST be worn uncovered on the front of the body. Be sure to smile when crossing the finish line the first time through as photographer Dana Barnes will be taking your FREE online photo!

  • If you need to change events, please notify staff at packet pickup. Moving down is simple enough, but those moving up will incur a fee of $15.

  • Merchandise will be picked up after obtaining race bibs. Limited exchanges MAY be available based on merchandise availability. Refunds will not be allowed.

  • If you’d like to “drop” a bag of personal items in the event tent, please bring a bag with you! Event Staff at the merchandise table inside the event tent will be happy to hold your bag for you.

  • Don’t drink and drive! We are all about having fun and celebrating your accomplishment with a cold brew or two, but drink responsibly. We love you guys and want to see you back for Red Moon Trail Run in August!

  • If you do not make it to packet pickup before 5:30 PM, your best bet is to simply park at the Eagles and take the shuttle. You will likely not find a parking spot at City Forest

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased merchandise (i.e., shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.), you MUST pick this merchandise at during packet pickup. You may have a friend pick up items for you. We will NOT mail or ship items. If necessary, we will provide hours and location for pickup of items at our offices.

Race Start Times:

  • 5k (1 Lap) Event - 6:30PM

  • 15k (3 Lap) & 25k (5 Lap) Events - 7:00PM

Parking - IMPORTANT!

PACKET PICKUP IS AT THE EAGLES CLUB! NOT CITY FOREST! There will be limited parking at the Midland City Forest lot on race day. The Eagles of Midland will provide shuttle service in 15 passenger vans between the designated parking lots at the Eagles Club and Midland City Forest. Please be aware that there is about .25 miles distance between the packet pickup location and the event tent.  We urge you to consider utilizing the shuttle service.  It is free and the Eagles drivers are pretty good dudes. If you do not make it to packet pickup before 5:30 PM, your best bet is to simply park at the Eagles and take the shuttle. You will likely not find a parking spot at City Forest.

Get Directions

Race Course 


What is the terrain like? Will I need traction for my shoes? It’s difficult to predict what the trail conditions will be like come race night. It is recommended that runners have access to high quality traction solutions for their shoes in case the course should be icy and slippery. Check out Korkers range of traction products that can be purchased locally at area Runners Athletic Company locations!

How cold will it be in the event tent? We hope not cold at all! This year we are pumping heat into the tent. Prior to race time, Harless and Hugh Coffee from Bay City will be on hand with hot coffee and hot chocolate!

Can I bring my dog to this race? Only if your dog…

a)   Doesn’t bite

b)   Is used to running snow-packet trails

c)   Is tent trained (We don’t want to step in poo)

d)   Has his trail poo moved off the trail (in an accident) by dog’s human handler

Do I need a head lamp? We highly recommend head lamps so you can see where you are stepping.  Trail races by nature require more attention to one’s footing.  Snow and darkness increase the need to be more aware of your footing.  Trails will be “marked” by small LED lights that do NOT provide ambient light and are intended only to help provide direction.

Will the trail be lit or marked? The trail will not be lit.  However, there will be LED lights and course markings to guide runners through the course.

Will there be an aid/water station on the course? Yes.  The course constricts for a bridge crossing at approximately the 1.5 mile mark.  An aid station providing water and snacks of several sorts will be set up at sign 11 on the event map so that runners will pass by it twice for every 5k lap.

Do I need special running shoes for this race? Not necessarily, though winter and/or trail specific shoes would help tremendously in keeping your footing on this course. We recommend you visit our friends/partners at Runners Athletic Stores in Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, and Mt Pleasant to find the best available options!

Can I wear snowshoes for this race? Sure you can.  Why the heck not.

Can I wear cross-country skis for this race? No.  Just… no.

Can I walk or ruck instead of run? Absolutely.  We ask that you sign up ONLY for the 1 Lap 5k or the 3 Lap 15k races and that you remain to the side of the trail and out of the path of runners if you choose to walk or ruck though.  

Will there be beer at the race? The Eagles of Midland will be serving up 2 brews from Presenting Sponsor Shorts Brewing Company to each participant as part of your registration offering.  We are geeked about this! Race Director Andy has a fondness for Short’s Locals Light.

Can spectators buy beer? That’s the plan! But beer tickets will only be sold to non-participants at the event tent AFTER the race begins. Spectators MUST show I.D. to receive a wrist band allowing them to drink.

Will I be able to buy shirts, hats or pint glasses? TA limited number of shirt and hoodies will be available in various sizes. There will also be a limited number of Boco Snow Moon Truckers and Beanies for sale… as well as some additional pint glasses. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted!

Event T-Shirts – Next Level Triblend $10 Additional Purchase

Triblend Lightweight Hoodie - $25 Additional Purchase

Triblend ¾ Sleeve Raglan Shirt - $20 Additional Purchase

Gildan Hoodie - $30 Additional Purchase

Boco Technical Trucker - $20

Boco Beanie - $15

Pint Glass - $5


We will announce and distribute awards as quickly as possible once each event is finished. Runners MUST be present to receive their awards! We will NOT mail them. If you are one of the fast ones, please chill out, have a Short’s beer or cider, and cheer on those still running until we can get those awards finalized and begin distributing them.

  • Top 3 Overall Fastest 5k (1 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)

  • Top 3 Overall Fastest 15k (3 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)

  • Top 3 Overall Fastest 25k (5 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)


  • Top 3 Masters Overall Fastest 5k (1 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)

  • Top 3 Masters Overall Fastest 15k (3 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)

  • Top 3 Masters Overall Fastest 25k (5 Lap) Male & Female (gun start – chip finish actual)


Top Male & Female Finisher in each age group will receive an award this year!

Age Groups:

  • 19 & Under

  • 20-24

  • 25-29

  • 30-34

  • 35-39

  • 40-44

  • 45-49

  • 50-54

  • 55-59

  • 60-64

  • 65-69

  • 70+


Both actual and adjusted results from Miller Race Management will be displayed at the event and will be posted at TRITOFINISH.COM within 48 hours of race completion.

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Refund and Transfer Policy

We completely understand that plans change and athletes will sometimes be unable to compete in an event they've signed up for.  Unfortunately, refunds will not be provided for any event unless the event is cancelled for reasons within our control.  Dangerous weather, natural disasters, and local emergencies are examples of reasons an event may be cancelled that are NOT within our control.

Should an athlete have an injury or other medical issue keeping them from competing in an event they've registered for, we would be happy to transfer their registration to a similar TriToFinish-owned event up to and including the same event the following season.  A doctor's slip may be required as proof of injury or ailment.  Failure to provide proof if requested will result in non-transfer of the event.

Transferring registrations to other athletes is NOT allowed.