Thank You SO Much for Volunteering!

Here is your 2019 Volunteer Caseville Triathlon/Duathlon

Sincerely. These events couldn’t happen without volunteers! Your help at this event will be crucial in keeping the athletes safe.

Here is a volunteer guide for your assignment.  The full list of volunteers and assignments can be found below but changes may be made prior to race day.  Please note that some volunteers/staff have more than one assignment.  If you choose to show up earlier than your scheduled time, we can always find something for you to help out with!

Also remember: In Michigan the weather is always unpredictable and that in Caseville is often HOT with very little shade. So dress for the conditions, bring umbrellas for rain or shade, dress cool and be sure to get plenty of water! Thanks again and we'll see you Sunday!

If for some reason you are unable to make it Sunday, please let Andy Brady know ASAP at by texting or calling (989) 205-5838.  All positions are important to the safety of the participants!


The race takes place at Caseville County Park (click on it for google map). The entrance to the beach area is just east of the campground entrance.

The list of assignments further below shows the times needed to be at designated positions. Those helping with packet pickup/late registration and t-shirt distribution should arrive at the event tent no later than 6:00AM.  Swim support volunteers should be on the beach at the swim arch by 7:30AM.  We will hold Sunday's volunteer meeting for those supporting the bike and run race courses at 7:30AM at the under the big blue inflatable “spider tent” near the beach pavilion. Those positioned at road crossings or turns will be issued reflective safety vests to be warn during the race and returned after. Those scheduled to volunteer for the “second shift” may arrive anytime prior to their shift and pick up a volunteer shirt at the merchandise tent near the finish line area (arrive early though as it will be difficult getting into and out of the park with the race going on!).

ALL volunteers will want to check in at the Spider Tent (Registration Area) prior to their meeting times to receive volunteer shirts. Important times of note:

  • Athlete Packet Pickup and Late Registration begin at 6:30AM Sunday under the beach pavilion

  • Athlete Packet Pickup and Late Registration ends at 7:45AM 

  • Race begins at 8AM


This year, athletes will be wearing race bibs (number plates) and will have decals on their bikes/helmets that are color-coded to correspond with the event they are participating in. The events and colors associated with them are below.




This is important for those at turnaround locations to ensure the athletes either turn around or keep going depending on their events. The turnaround signs on both the bike and run courses are color coordinated with the race bibs. I.e., all half athletes will be wearing yellow race bibs or decals and their turnaround signs on the courses are yellow.

The assignment list below includes assignment numbers next to the names for most run and bike course positions.  These numbers correspond to locations on the linked maps below.  Please take a look at the map to find your assigned position prior to arriving Saturday morning.  






Course Assignment Details

Course assignment locations are shown on the series of maps below. Please familiarize yourself with the location to which you are assigned so that you can find it quickly after the volunteer meeting Sunday morning. The maps below can be clicked on for a better detail view.


  • Athlete safety is the priority

  • Bike and Run Courses are OPEN to public traffic. We must remain vigilante to ensure there are not vehicle and athlete collisions. If you are assigned a role along the race courses, please be assertive toward both athletes and vehicles in ensuring the safety of the participants!

  • Any volunteer (with the exception of aid/water station volunteers) at road crossings, turns or monitoring locations must wear a high visibility vest. We will assign them and ask that you please return them

  • Aid/Water station volunteers:

    • Please have cups of water and sports drink in cups

    • Stand off the road with arms outstretched holding half-filled cups for athletes to grab as they run by. Let them know if its “water” or “Heed” (sports drink)

    • Please do not impede the runners

    • Trash cans will be left a short distance from aid station tables on either side for athletes to toss cups into. They often just drop them on the ground. Please periodically pick them up and toss into trash cans

In the event of an emergency during the race, please dial 911 immediately.  The Race Director for this event is ANDY BRADY.  Please keep phone number (989) 205-5838 handy and contact Andy immediately after dialing 911.


As an added thank you for your time, we will provide a cool tech volunteer t-shirt courtesy of ATS Printing in Bay City, MI.  Also, stop by the registration area at the park for pizza after your assignment is complete.  As an additional reward for volunteering, those interested in FREE entry to the Team One Wine Run in Saginaw, simply contact after this weekend and he'll provide you with a code for entry. 

And we’ll say once more that we can’t thank you enough… so THANK YOU!

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An extra special Thank You goes out to the organizations and volunteers who help make this race safe for the Athletes!