Multisport Season Passes - 2016 Event Season

Plan ahead for your Race Event Season and save a bunch doing so! Tri To Finish is offering Season Passes and Event Packages for 2016.

Hey, we got into this business because we are Athletes and Runners ourselves and we are well aware of what makes an event worthwhile to the participants. So, we KNOW how prohibitive cost can be to choosing events! Our whole business model revolves around Customer Service. There are other companies out there who do what we do, but we’re not as interested in competing with them as we are in simply putting on the best events possible while providing you, the Athletes, with as much return on your race investment as possible!

Why Tri To Finish Events?

If you’ve tried us then we hope you don’t need convincing. But if you are new to Tri To Finish and are wondering what it is that makes us shine, then here’s a short list of benefits we provide to Participants at our events:

  • USAT Sanctioning – ALL Tri To Finish multisport events have been and will be sanctioned by USAT. It is our feeling that USAT has the best interests of Athletes and of Multisport in mind with everything they do. Just like Tri To Finish.
  • Well Designed T-Shirts with limited sponsor logos (We hear ya!)
  • Awesome, SAFE Venues
  • Cool Finisher Medals
  • Unique Age Group Awards
  • Maybe the BEST finish line presentation out there (Yeah, we’re biased)
  • Free Finisher Photos (As we’ve done since our inception!)
  • We love the last place Finisher as much as the first! And we’ll be right there cheering that last place finisher just as hard as we do the top finishers.
  • Tri To Finish is constantly striving to improve our “presence” at our events because we see our races as, well, EVENTS!

But the biggest benefit to participating in a Tri To Finish event is having an Event Management Company that is passionate about what we are doing and who strives to put on the best event possible each and every time we’re out there. Come chat us up at the venues! We love personal feedback from the athletes and will listen with open ears and a genuine desire to improve our events based on your suggestions or concerns.

Ready to jump in and save some cash?

Well, there are of course some things you’ll need to know before committing to purchase:

  • Season Pass When purchasing a Season Pass, you’ll receive a code from Tri To Finish that you will use to register for each individual event.
  • Use of the Season Pass = NO Active Registration Fees! Well, that’s not completely true as you will incur a fee when purchasing the pp. But the fee will be less than you’d incur if registering for each event individually.
  • USAT Membership is required for entry to Tri To Finish multisport events. Cost of membership is the responsibility of the Athlete and is NOT included in the Season Pass. USAT Membership is NOT required for running events.
  • Pass purchasers receive the same benefits as those who register for individual events. We’re not going to short-change you for spending less! Of course, you’ll need to use your code to register for your events before the cutoff dates for guaranteed event-specific shirts. Else you’ll have to settle for one of our sweet TRI TO FINISH shirts.
  • New Multisport events are always begin considered! Should we decide to add any multisport events to the 2016 schedule, the event(s) will be included as part of the Season Pass at no additional cost to pass holder.
  • Season Passes are Non-Refundable and Non Transferrable. Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds and we generally don’t allow registrations to be transferred. There are several reasons for this, but we hate being downers and would rather keep the rule simple.
  • Season Passes are ONLY available through May 15, 2016. After that, current event pricing with be the only option for registration.

Multisport Season Pass – Entry to ALL 3 Tri To Finish Multisport Events (Does NOT include Run Events or Half Distance Triathlon at Caseville). Events Include:

  • Sanford Lake Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint/Super Sprint/Sprint Duathlon
  • Caseville Classic Rockin' Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint/Sprint Duathlon
  • Boyne City Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint/Sprint Duathlon

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Multisport Season Pass with Caseville Half Distance Triathlon Included – Entry to ALL 3 Tri To Finish Multisport Events with the Half Distance Triathlon at Caseville Included

  • Sanford Lake Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint/Super Sprint/Sprint Duathlon
  • Caseville Classic Rockin' Triathlon – Half Distance Triathlon
  • Boyne City Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint/Sprint Duathlon

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Multisport Season Pass

  • $175.00 valid through 12/31/15
  • $200.00 valid through 04/15/16
  • $225.00 valid through 05/15/16

Multisport Season Pass with Half Distance at Caseville

  • $200.00 valid through 12/31/15
  • $225.00 valid through 04/15/16
  • $275.00 valid through 05/15/16