Team Race

  • 5 mi Run
  • 10 mi Run
  • 20 mi Run
  • 31 mi Run


Team Race
  • $110.00 valid until 04/01/14
  • $120.00 valid until 05/01/14
  • $130.00 valid until 06/01/14
  • $140.00 valid until 06/14/14

M.U.T.T. 2014 Overview

The Mid-Michigan Ultimate Team Trail event is a new trail race concept that is the first of its kind. The M.U.T.T. is NOT a relay race, but rather a team race that incorporates 4 runners each running different lengths (5m, 10m, 20m, 31m) of the same course. The race takes place on a beautiful 10 mile trail loop at Mid-Michigan Community College. Wearing matching bib numbers, the 4 members of each team will start together and one by one turn back at different points along the course. The team must stay together until they reach each of the turnarounds, then each runner will run the return route of their leg at their own pace. The 4 finishing times will be tabulated and the combined results will determine the winners. As always, our music, food, and Adirondack chairs will await your return; don’t miss this event!


June 14, 2014

Start Time:

9:00 AM


Mid-Michigan Community College Bike Trails


1375 S. Clare Avenue
Harrison, MI 48625

This event benefits The Johnny Burke Foundation. Learn More.

Course Description:

Mid-Michigan Community College's Harrison Campus sits on 560 acres of beautiful, wooded land. As a service to the community, the college and various community groups have developed trails through the property for the public to enjoy. The race course is a flowing 10 mile main trail through various terrain and grades. The trail is all single track mountain bike trails. The format of the event is as follows:

The team will start together and enter the 10 mile loop via a waterfall start. Teams will be separated by 5 minute gaps to spread out traffic on the trail. At each turnaround, race officials will check to make sure the required number of runners is still together.

  • At the 2.5 mile mark, the first runner will turn back and head to the start while the remaining three runners continue.
  • At the 5 mile mark, the second runner will turn back and head to the start while the remaining two runners continue.
  • At the 10 mile mark, the third runner will turn back and head to the start while the Ultra runner continues on alone.
  • At the 15.5 mile mark, the final runner will turn back and head to the start completing the race.

The first three runners are encouraged to join the final mile as a glory leg to finish the race together!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have to finish the race?

There is an 8 hour cut off time for 50K. The shorter distance runner must finish before or at the same time as the longer distance runners. In other words, if you are running longer and meet up with your teammate, you must wait for them and not pass them.

Are dogs allowed on the course? How about if on a leash?

We will not allow dogs on the course for the comfort and safety of other runners.

May I register in person or by mail?

We would prefer that participants register online If manual registration is required, email to request a manual entry form for your team and we will work to get you registered.

Will race day registration be available?

No, there is no race day registration for this event.

Is the course stroller friendly?

The MUTT course covers rocky, rooty and hilly terrain often along a single track trail, so strollers are not allowed on the course.

I was injured after registering for the race. Can I get a refund or defer until next year?

No – there will be NO refunds or deferments. We incur fixed costs for each runner based on registration numbers.  As a result, we are not able to allow any refunds.

Can I switch race distances?

Because the MUTT is a 4 person team race, each runner will be issued a bib that contains the team number and race distance. Each participant must have a race bib on during the entire race distance. If for some reason a longer distance runner needs to complete a short distance, than bibs can be switch while on the course but you must complete the distance your bib shows at finish.

Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

You may transfer your registration to a friend until 30 minutes before the race begins.

Can I wear headphones on the course?

We discourage the use of headphones.

Will the event go on rain or shine?

The event will go on rain or shine with only the possibility of delay in the event of lightning.

I don’t remember if I registered. How can I check and find out?

Contact Tri To Finish

Will photos be taken along the course and at the finish?

The 2014 race will not include professional photos. However, staff, participants, and spectators will be able to share photos of the event on the MUTT Facebook page.

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